"We should show life neither as it is, nor as it should be, but as we see it in our dreams." Anton Chekhov

With the support of Inner West Council, Esem Projects have created Labour of Love to celebrate the inner worlds of passion, imagination and craft that enrich creative lives.

Labour of Love brings interior worlds into the outside spaces of Marrickville’s industrial landscape through a series of projection artworks.

Each projection artwork is a meditation on the intricate details of everyday making and creating.

You can view the original projection artworks and interviews here – but do try to check them out while they’re exhibiting during EDGE Festival!

2 – 11 August 2019
EDGE Sydenham

Supported by Inner West Council for EDGE Sydenham.

Image above: Artist impression of Labour of Love featuring collage and photography by Tanja Bruckner and Steve Tierney, Join the Dots Studio.

Marrickville’s creative spaces are changing fast.

Not for the first time, creatives find themselves under pressure to adapt – to do more, to seek new income streams, to move out of town, to find somewhere cheaper…

But if a creative life isn’t always easy, it is also chosen as a life of passion and purpose.

As the poet Mary Oliver once said:

The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.



Inner West Council’s EDGE Festival is about celebrating and supporting the artists and creatives of the Inner West. EDGE stands for ‘Ecologically Distinct and Globally Endangered’.

The Festival has been designed to celebrate Inner West communities, but to also draw attention to how fragile is the creative ecosystem of the area.

Over two weekends in August, EDGE Sydenham will see the streets of Marrickville come alive – with creative spaces opening up for tours and more, creative trails, live music and loads of parties.

Labour of Love will add to the atmosphere with a series of projections happening in and around the streets.

Linked to these artworks are a series of vox-pops with local creatives, who share stories about their own creative journeys and the spaces that support their work.

Thanks to Inner West Council for supporting this work.

Thanks also to Maria Popova of Brainpickings for the Mary Oliver quote. You can read more about the poet Mary Oliver here.

Participating Artists

Projection artworks feature the following artists at work:

Steve Tierney: Artist website
Emma Maye Gibson / Betty Grumble: Artist website
Ran Stanton and Rachel Lafferty: Artist website
Brad Robson: Artist website
Stephanie Phillips: Artist website
Getzabel Nambo:

Creative Spaces
Maker Space & Co
Create or Die
Join the Dots
Red Rattler Theatre

Vox Pop Interviews
ESEM have been undertaking a series of vox-pops with local creatives to learn more about their work, and also about the kinds of spaces and communities they benefit from by working in the Inner West.

Ran Stanton: Coming soon
Rachel Lafferty: Coming soon
Emma Maye / Betty Grumble: Coming soon
Stephanie Phillips: Coming soon
Steven Tierney: View interview
Jimmy Prillis of Zois Embroidery: View interview
Merindah Funnell: View interview
Getzabel Nambo: View interview
Pete Strong: View Interview
Deb Morgan: View interview
..and more to come!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Above Images featuring the performer Emma Maye aka Betty Grumble at the Red Rattler, artist Brad Robson, Ran Stanton and Rachel Lafferty at Tortuga Studios and Stephanie Phillips at Maker Space and Co.

Above: Emma Maye Gibson performs a Grief Dance in honour of her friend and fellow performance artist Candy Royale, at the Red Rattler Theatre. Featuring as part of EDGE Festival in Marrickville, Faversham St until August 11 2019.

Below: Emma Maye speaks to Esem Projects about her Grief Dance.

Videography by Alan Richardson.