Branding for Rutherford's Den developed by Esem Projects
The Rutherford Video Wall was a collaboration between Esem Projects and Lightwell Studio. This interactive wall enables visitors to explore digital collections relating to the story of Rutherford's life and legacy in an engaging and hands-on way.
Rutherford's Den includes a mix of hands-on and immersive exhibits dedicated to the heroic age of physics and its legacy today.
'Radiant Matter' is an immersive exhibit developed by Esem Projects that allows visitors to experience the history of our understanding of energy, light and matter. Digital Design by Code on Canvas, Sound Design by Tactile Music.
'Radiant Matter' allows visitors to interact gesturally to recreate Rutherford's famous 'Gold Foil' experiment.
Interpretation and Design for Rutherford's Den. Featuring CERN animations on contemporary particle physics visualisations.
Excerpt from the Timeline Ribbon. Interpretation for Rutherford's Den.
iPad content embedded into interpretation materials.
Rutherford's 'Den' includes an imagined recreation of a young Rutherford at work. Esem Projects also created a new radio exhibit featuring voices and stories on Rutherford's life and journey as a scientist.
Rutherford loved to entertain audiences with his fluorescent paint!