About Storybox

Storybox is a new project developed by ESEM in partnership with the ABC Content Ideas Lab and the City of Parramatta, with support from Western Sydney University and Story Factory.

Originally designed for launch in Parramatta Square in May 2020, it’s begun life online as social distancing measures remain in place.

What is public space media?

We’ve created Storybox to facilitate a different kind of outdoor media. We call it ‘public space media’.

Public space media is, quite simply, media designed specifically for shared, public spaces. As a form of spatial media, it exists somewhere between architecture and media. Public space media is likely to be experienced by audiences in a transitory way. It is designed to enhance the overall amenity and shared experience of a place. It is not television. It should enhance, not diminish, what is unique about shared spaces and diverse communities. 

Public space media recognises in the value of public spaces as shared spaces for local culture and creativity. 

Learn more at Storybox.

Go to the Storybox website.