Dr. Sarah Barns

Co-Founder and Director

Strategy, Curation, Engagement and Partnerships LinkedInsarah@esemprojects.com

Dr. Sarah Barns is a creative producer, cultural geographer and digital strategist, with a lifelong love of cities and the role of technologies in shaping urban change. Each of these seemingly distinct threads have interwoven throughout her career, allowing Sarah to bring unique insights, empathy and expertise to her work today.

With a career spanning strategy consulting, academia, policy and the arts, Sarah has experience delivering high-level organisational and national strategy, but loves to work at the local level as well. Working creatively with communities in a tangible and impactful way is a deliberate choice, reflecting her belief in the importance of place-based discovery, storytelling and engagement in increasingly digitally-intensive societies.

Sarah is author of Platform Urbanism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), and a recognised speaker, researcher and expert in the fields of urban digital strategy, digital placemaking and digital cultural engagement. Her research has been published in a wide range of books and international journals, spanning Cities, Culture and Society, Space and Society, Urban Geography and the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (see full Research profile here).

Sarah leads Esem Project's strategic and cultural engagement programs, and is project lead of STORYBOX, launched by Esem Projects in 2020.

When she's on the creative tools she loves to craft immersive soundscapes and write creative non-fiction essays (see Inside Story).

Read more about Sarah's background and experience on LinkedIn.

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