A Proud Tower: Celebrating everyday infrastructure

Esem Projects lit up the iconic Petersham Water Tower as part of Perfect Match in 2015.

Project Details

Esem partnered with Marrickville Council and Sydney Water to tell the fascinating and largely unknown story of an unlikely inner city landmark that does not always readily fit the idea of heritage.


Creative Director: Michael Killalea

Concept Design: Sarah Barns and Michael Killalea

Collaborating artist: Ed Leckie (LZX)

In one delightfully surprising, attention-grabbing event, the 50 year anniversary of the completion of a concrete water tower, was celebrated. Esem provided a new appreciation of this imposing structure that some took for granted or perhaps even saw as a blight on a sedate low rise, Federation-housed landscape.


50th birthday of Petersham Water Tower

High in the sky images projected an unprecedented engineering marvel of the 1960s. The Petersham water tower sits atop of huge hidden reservoir carved out of bedrock in the 1880s. Architecturally innovative, its construction was an engineering feat, partly met by being one of the first major city works to use computers to test for structural stress. And the people responsible? Their names and faces were finally up in lights.



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