Bathurst Winter Festival 2015 - 2021

Esem Projects have been integral to the growth of this successful regional light festival

Project Details

Esem Projects have supported the growth of the Bathurst Winter Festival since 2015 through a projection art and illumination program that integrates high level creative outcomes with diverse community perspectives and talent.


Creative Director: Michael Killalea

Creative Team: Anna Fraser, Mike Daly (Motion Graphics), Gary Sinclair (Sound)

Audio-visual installation: Leif Wilson, Peter Hird, Craig New

Esem Projects have worked with Bathurst Regional Council since 2015 to program and deliver a series of illumination and projection programs that delight audiences and engage diverse communities. Now a highlight of the events calendar, each year sees a growth in awareness, participation, tourism, economic development, community engagement and business involvement.

Our programming approach for the Festival integrates a mix of curated creative outcomes as well as strong community engagement with local groups including schools, arts organisations and tertiary education. We're committed to ensuring the Festival acts as a platform for diverse community and creative talent, while also attracting audiences from across the region through entrancing and specular lighting and projection experiences.

Bathurst Winter Festival Esem Projects Projection
Bathurst Winter Festival Esem Projects Projection
Bathurst Winter Festival Esem Projects with Rain Run by Code on Canvas
Bathurst Winter Festival Esem Projects Projection and Silent Disco

'Cosmic Escapade' was the key artwork featured as part of Bathurst Winter Festival in July 2020

A collaborative video installation which invited schools within the Region to colour in the building on their ipads of tablets and screen record it. Six students from Bathurst Academy of Music showcased their own written and recorded tracks to accompany the show. “It was fantastic kids so young were able to show the city what they could do. One of the students, Savannah Shackleton, whose work featured is only eight” Mickey Pye, Producer and owner at Bathurst Academy of Music.

The illumination project is an incredible way to engage with the local community and have them participate in the festival. The event has worked hard to continue to build community participation to increase the social cohesion of the festival.

“The Winter Festival is a really special part of Bathurst that forms a big part of the students’ lives each year. It was so exciting for the STEM Club to be part of something so significant to their town. Many of the girls were working from home for many weeks, so it was inspiring for them to be involved in a community project. The students created different 3D animations on the theme of “Connection”. Apart from that, they were allowed to make anything from their imagination” Michelle Lee, English and Geography teacher, Mackillop College.


A snapshot of the Winter Festival


Esem Projects commissioned Code on Canvas to create this outdoor, multiplayer gaming experience for the Bathurst Winter Festival

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