Creative Studios: Working with schools and young people

Workshops with schools and young people to co-design creative storytelling outcomes

Project Details

Creative Studios with young people create the opportunity for collaborative programming in public spaces. Esem Projects has collaborated with a number of schools across Sydney and regional NSW to deliver creative outcomes for our public programs and activations.


Studio Leads: Dr. Sarah Barns and Michael Killalea

'The Future' creative studio documented ideas about the kind of Bathurst the participants were interested in — an inclusive society, tolerant of differences, optimistic and caring.

We filmed the students creating posters with their messages, and this footage was used to create a large scale rear projection installation. The messages were also displayed as colourful paper-cut animations that were projected at street level in Bathurst.


Creative Studio with Liverpool Girls Senior High School for 'Visions of Peace' 2018


My Story: Interviews with students at Liverpool Girls High School, 2018

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