Visual Identity & Logo Design

A selection of visual identity and logo work created by Michael Killalea of Esem Projects

Project Details

A selection of visual identity, branding and logo designs led by Michael Killalea.


Design Team:

Michael Killalea: Creative Director

Jacqui Triggs: Creative Strategy

Olivia Ciok: Designer & Editor

Our process in developing logos and visual identities is based on communication, research and collaboration.

Whether the outcome is a simple logo for a business card or a fully developed range of brand assets, the process starts the same way — explore the brand with the client, and work in black and white. Everything follows from there.

Creative Director Michael Killalea has a significant body of experience developing custom brands, visual identity and logos for a wide variety of clients across retail and hospitality, fashion, creative industries and more.

Previously a Director of boutique agency killanoodle and Art Director of The Bulletin, Michael's recent work includes Paul Kelly Design, Fugen, Robinson Man, First Eastern, Sokyo, Heffer Station wines, Betty's Burgers and many more.

Visual identity and branding for Heifer Station, Orange NSW
Branding for Rutherford's Den developed by Esem Projects
Logo for Orange Winery Heifer Station
Website for Orange Winery Heifer Station
Artwork for Orange Winery Heifer Station
Website for Robinson Man
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