Portraits of Memory: The objects we remember them by

Portraits of Memory was a unique public art event in Port Macquarie-Hastings that launched as part of the 2016 Anzac Day commemorations.

Project Details

Esem Projects worked with Port Macquarie Council in 2016 to create Portraits of Memory, a unique public art project that celebrates the everyday objects that connect us with those who have served Australia’s war efforts in the past.


Dr. Sarah Barns: Community Engagement and Interviews, oral history recordings Michael Killalea: Creative Direction, Video

Exhibited as part of Anzac Day 2016 in Port Macquarie and surrounding regions, Portraits of Memory presents larger than life portraits of the community and connections with Australia’s war efforts in the past.

Members of the community were invited to contribute to the project by sharing photos and memorabilia. Video recording of this participation formed a major component in the project, and featured in large-scale outdoor projections.


Portraits of Memory


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