Sydney Airport Corporation Public Art Framework

Working with HASSELL's Landscape Design Team, Esem Projects delivered a public art framework aligned to the T2/T3 Masterplan

Project Details

Esem Projects worked closely with HASSELL and Sydney Airport Corporation in the development of a public art plan attached to the redevelopment of the T2/T3 Domestic Airport precinct.


Dr. Sarah Barns: Lead Consultant

Michael Killalea: Designer

The Art Plan created a strategic framework through which to plan and deliver artworks across the Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal public domain as part of a major redevelopment of the T2/T3 precincts. Incorporated into the Plan was analysis of contemporary public art typologies incorporating permanent, programmable and temporary public artworks.

The Plan also ensured Sydney Airport Corporation was equipped with an appropriate governance framework through which to curate and invest in public art over time, and aligned programming and activation strategies around key events in Sydney's arts and culture calendar.

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