What is Peace to You?

Participatory Storytelling Workshop with students from Liverpool Girls High School

Project Details

We ran a creative participatory workshop with students from Liverpool Girls High School to explore different personal perspectives on peace. The workshop was developed in support of the Visions of Peace digital storytelling program led by Esem Projects for Liverpool City Council in 2018.


Project Lead: Dr. Sarah Barns

Creative Lead: Michael Killalea

Production: Jason Antonovich, Omee Deling, Gary Sinclair (sound)

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for many students to share their experience of arriving to Australia from war torn countries. Many had not had the opportunity to share their stories before.

The stories were incorporated into the Visions of Peace programm commissioned by Liverpool City Council as part of the Centenary of Armistice commemorations of 2018.


What does peace mean to you?


My Story


Final creative outcome incorporating student stories for 'Visions of Peace' activation program

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