Thinking Spaces: A physical interactive by Esem Projects

A new physical interactive by Esem Priojects

This collaborative physical interactive invites visitors to reflect on their own journeys of learning and discovery. It asks visitors to ask a basic question: 'How do the spaces around you change the way you think?'

The interactive is positioned inside the entrance to Rutherford's Den, a place where acclaimed scientist took refuge to do his electrical researches as a Masters student in 1895. He would then go on to join the Cavendish Laboratory and change the course of physics forever.

Visitors can reflect on how different spaces make them feel, choosing from the options: Creative, Focused, Distracted, Bored.

Each emotion has a corresponding colour magnet to attached to each space.

The spaces to chose from include 'A busy cafe', 'The library', 'My office', 'My bedroom', 'The classroom' and so on.

As visitors responses combine throughout the course of a day, new visual patterns emerge, based on the combinations of magnets and their colour profiles. Each day generates its own set of colourful patterns created by visitors.

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 3.05.38 pm.png

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